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Data-driven SEO:
Search Engine Optimization

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Our search engine optimization is making a difference for companies throughout the U.S.

We combine smart goals with hard data, and build a strategy around what you want the future of your business to look like, increasing:

  • Local Business Exposure
  • Online Inquiries
  • Incoming Calls
  • Keyword Ranking

We're fortunate to have worked with a wide range of companies, and proud to have increased site traffic for each of them. We constantly study the latest in SEO and continually-emerging guidelines from Google and other search engine teams, and ensure each project we undertake adheres to best practices—putting the site in the best possible position for long-lasting visibility.

In Q1 2015, Google rolled out a new algorithm that favors sites that are 'mobile-ready'. Our websites are responsive, meaning they're optimized for any screen size from iPhone to widescreen, making your business more accessible and relevant and demonstrating to search engines that you take your business seriously.

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More about our SEO approach

Analyze / Basics

Before we undertake an SEO campaign we establish a baseline of current visitors and search engine placement. This usually includes pulling and examining any existing traffic data, and preparing reports and views appropriate for the business and category/sector.

Tracking cookies are installed and an on-page SEO workup takes place, including some or all of the following:

  • Identify and implement optimal keyword group, including
    • Page titles and descriptions
    • Page names
    • Images
    • Heading tags
  • Ensure search engines are properly scanning the website
  • List website with local services like Bing for Business and Google My Business if appropriate
  • Install and configure analytics software
  • Write SEO management software if necessary
  • Add structured data
  • Ensure code compliance with important guidelines and best practices
  • Analyze page loading time and address issues where possible


A sound strategy always has a clear goal, as well as smart performance metrics and measures that can be reliably used as an indicator of progress toward that goal. Goals often include getting more calls or local customers to a business, more submissions to an online form, or higher search ranking for a particular term or set of keywords.

Competitors are analyzed, top-rated websites in your industry or sector are examined, and the feasibility of major changes are scrutinized. Other important considerations that affect internet traffic are also used to inform SEO strategy where possible, including economic trends and world events.


Deployment takes place, and ongoing efforts can include:

  1. Site adjustments informed by behavioral flow analysis
  2. A/B split testing for bounce rate improvement
  3. Home page adjustments to increase click through


There are other creative ways to drive traffic, including useful web apps like store locators and other tools for your customers. The more your customers interact with your website, the better search engines view its usefulness, indirectly increasing SEO and directly improving your brand and your customer experience.

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