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On-page SEO and Analytics

Our on-page SEO follows the latest guidelines from Google and other search engines to make sure your website has maximum exposure for your target keywords

We combine on-page optimization with submission to Google My Business, Bing for Business and analytics so progress can be tracked.

SEO and Analytics PDF

Integrated SEO

Integrated SEO means optimizing the visitor's experience with the web page as well as its visibility in search engines.

It often includes:

  • Adjustments based on behavior flow analysis
  • A/B split testing to improve bounce rate
  • Adding features to the home page to increase click through

Search Engine Optimization: SEO

Custom WordPress Themes

We design and create eye-catching, custom WordPress themes so you can easily edit pictures, text and other content without being boxed in to the design and features of existing WordPress themes

  • Designed from scratch or based on any current website or design
  • Easily editable - No maintenance costs

We also write custom WordPress plugins to improve user experience on the front end and save time and money in the back.

Custom Content Management Systems and SEO Software

Combining PHP with MySQL, we create custom content management systems designed around your needs, and can deploy on Amazon Web Services for speed and accessibility.

Also available are systems wherein all key SEO indicators can be adjusted via a single dashboard, with an integrated analytics readout for clear data analysis and easy access to meta descriptions, page titles, H1 tags, and other primary signals to search engines.

Web Apps

Increase productivity without increasing recurring costs by leveraging web apps, cloud hosting, and automating repetitive processes.

Keep track of customers and orders, or employees and work orders with ease from anywhere you get online:

  • Market to potential customers and collect information
  • Automate ordering and scheduling to create simple, streamlined systems for employees
  • Prescreen job applicants, test subjects, and potential renters or lessees

Mobile Usability

We fix display issues and improve mobile usability on any website, from WordPress and custom content management sites to HTML/CSS/Javascript, AJAX and more.

  • Cross-browser testing
  • Usability scrutinized with all popular devices
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